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Is a negative trade line stopping you from obtaining a mortgage or car loan? Are you a few points away from getting a lower rate? Do you want a higher credit score?

Attorney Harvey Rephen specializes in the Fair Credit Reporting Act,(FCRA), Credit  Repair,  and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

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Yes. You can improve your credit score!

 Attorney Harvey Rephen specializes in the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Credit Repair

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Attorney Harvey Rephen


M. Harvey Rephen & Associates, P.C. specializes in
reasonable and Credit Repair.

We will dispute on your behalf any inaccurate information such as late payments, and remove obsolete information erroneously reported on your credit report.

M. Harvey Rephen & Associates specializes in Credit Repair and Restoration. We use aggressive strategies as well as conventional dispute methods to ensure you get the maximum positive results in repairing your credit. We look forward to serving you and helping to restore your credit rating as quickly as possible. Improving your credit score is as easy as these three steps:

M Harvey Rephen and Associates has developed an aggressive process designed to repair your credit report issues quickly and efficiently. Our methods are a legal, proven strategy in restoring your credit status to a healthy and positive number. As a client of M Harvey Rephen and Associates, you will find true peace of mind, knowing you have an experienced consumer law firm on your side.

Our experience ensures your investment with our firm will help you reach credit freedom. M Harvey Rephen and Associates stands behind the services we provide.