Stop Debt Collection Abuse And Harassment!

  • Are you receiving harassing, abusive, or threatening phone calls or letters?
  • Are you receiving collection letters that are misleading or confusing?
  • Have your friends or employer received phone calls or letters about your debt?

If your rights have been violated by a collection agency or a collection law firm they may be paying you! You may be entitled to as much as a $1000 statutory award per violation plus any actual damages that you have suffered!


You Have Rights!

The New York Offices of the Consumer Protection Services of America specializes in assisting consumers protect themselves from abusive and unethical debt collectors. Simply fill in the quick contact form, or the evaluation form, or call our toll free number. You can also fax us a copy of the collection letters you have received.

Our staff will then review the information you have provided and then forward it to an attorney who will evaluate your case for free.  (All attorneys recommended by the Consumer Protection Services of America represent their clients on a contingency fee basis – and only receive payment if they successfully recover money from the abusive debt collection agency).

Bankruptcy Discharge Violations

Have you filed bankruptcy? Has a collection agency or a collection law firm continued to contact you and demand payment on your debts that were discharged in bankruptcy.  Filing bankruptcy protects you from such collection attempts by collection agencies and collection law firms. If your rights were violated they may owe you money!  If so contact us immediately.

Credit Report Violations

Were your rights under The Fair Credit Reporting Act or FDCPA violated? Is there a false or disputed item on your credit report? Was your credit report accessed by an unauthorized individual or company? If so contact us immediately. For more important questions and information click here.

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